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If you get a replacement tooth, you want to be sure there’s very little chance of it falling out and getting lost. At his South Bay office in Torrance, California, Mark Simon, DDS, offers strong dental implants that act as the natural roots of your teeth and anchor your artificial teeth or bridges in place. If you’re in need of dental implants that allow you to eat, smile, and speak comfortably in spite of artificial teeth or bridges, call Dr. Simon’s office or schedule an appointment online today.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants act like screws that are inserted into your jawbone to hold artificial teeth or bridges in place. Unlike their alternatives, dental implants allow you to live your life normally without fear of your replacement teeth falling out or breaking off.

Dr. Simon works alongside a periodontist who places the implants for you. Dr. Simon creates an artificial tooth that is connected to the implant and helps to maintain your smile during follow-up appointments.

How does dental implant restoration work?

The artificial tooth that is placed onto a dental implant is commonly called a restoration because it helps restore your smile. Before you get a dental implant, Dr. Simon and the periodontist use 3D radiograph imaging machine to view the bones in your mouth. This allows them to be sure the implant is placed in a strong part of your jawbone.

Dr. Simon custom makes the restoration that’ll be attached to your dental implant. He takes a mold of your existing teeth that are near the implant and uses this to make sure your new, artificial tooth matches the others and looks natural in your mouth.

The artificial tooth won’t decay, but you’ll need to treat it with the same care that you give your natural teeth. You’ll also need to come in for regular checkups and cleanings.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

There are several criteria that may make you a good candidate for dental implants. Because their placement requires surgery, you need to be in generally good health for your best chance at a successful placement.

You’re a good candidate for dental implants if:

  • You have good oral health
  • The bones in your jaw and mouth are strong
  • You have healthy gum tissues
  • Your bones are fully developed

Most people handle dental implants well and qualify for the required surgery. Dr. Simon informs you if you need to explore other options and discusses them with you. If you choose dental implants, he gives you instructions for their care that you’ll need to follow to achieve the best outcome.

If you’re interested in restoring your gorgeous, natural smile with dental implants, call Mark Simon, DDS, or schedule an appointment online today.